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Winter 2-15-2022

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The study aims to report the current growth of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and its evolution, features, benefits, various types, International and Indian scenarios, and challenges. The study also examines the role of academic libraries in the expansion of MOOCs in the present era. The study employed web content analysis and questionnaire methods to collect data related to the current growth of MOOCs in India. The study interviewed 75 students and 45 faculties of St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam, to explore their perceptions of MOOCs as a higher education system and how Academic Libraries become their centre for MOOC courses. The study found that 75.3% of respondents joined/completed the MOOC courses, whereas some respondents had no ideas about it. Among the 75.3% of respondents who joined/completed the course, 89.4% of respondents completed one or two certification courses, 7.6% of respondents have completed 3 to 5 classes, and only 3% of respondents have completed between 6 to 10 online courses. The expansions of online education through MOOCs in India, such as the NPTEL and SWAYAM, have positively impacted the growth of Academic libraries.