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This study examined the sources of information, services rendered in the library, ascertain the level of satisfaction and the correlation between library services provision and satisfaction. It has been observed that postgraduate students hardly patronise the library though some of the underlying causes of this low patronage have been documented, yet there were no sufficient explanations as to whether these causes affected their level of satisfaction. Thus, it has become necessary to empirically establish the aforementioned and this necessitates a need for this study. This study adopted a survey research method with target population of all postgraduate students in selected universities in South-west, Nigeria. Stratified random sampling technique was adopted and questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The study established that printed and electronic sources of information were provided with some deficiencies in the provision of inter-library loan (32%), current awareness service (33%) and selective dissemination of information (34%). The study also found that there is significant relationship, (r = .65, p <.01 2-tailed) between library services provision and satisfaction of postgraduate students. Based on the aforementioned, recommendation was made to complement the provided services with inter-library loan, current awareness service, selective dissemination of information, and regular orientation for greater satisfaction.