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Know Thy Shelves: Assessing the Print and Ebook Usage of the De La Salle University’s College of Liberal Arts Graduate Students and Faculty

Willian Frias, De La Salle University, Manila
Roana Marie Flores, De La Salle University, Manila
Marian Eclevia, De La Salle University, Manila

Document Type Article


This paper presents the results of the assessment study focusing on the use and citation behavior of the graduate students and faculty members of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) of the De La Salle University (DLSU), based on the references cited in their academic outputs. Results convey that CLA faculty and graduate students still prefer to use both print books and ebooks in their research. Even in this era of digital scholarship, printed books are still heavily used by graduate students, and earlier published resources are cited more than the newer ones. Despite the heavy usage, a big portion of the book collection has not been used. Most of the findings have an impact on the collection development activities of the Libraries for the said college.