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The purpose of this study is to analyse and map the metadata and keywords associated with existing research publications in digital library studies during the last 30 years. This is a quantitative descriptive study that employs bibliometric analysis approaches namely co-authorship analysis, citation analysis, and text data mapping with a help of VOSviewer computer application. The, an international article indexing service, was used as the source to collect samples in this study. A total of 1,185 documents discussing digital library studies were analysed during 1991 – 2021.

The analysis discovered that Edward A. Fox is the most prolific author in the field of digital library studies, the University of Strathclyde is the most productive university, and the United States is the most prolific country. This study also found that an article entitled “Automatic recognition of multi-word terms: the c-value/ nc-value method” is the most cited article within the dataset with 390 citations, and the most productive journal publishing cited articles is d-lib magazine with 201 published documents. In addition, several interesting terms like “academic library”, “university library”, “challenge”, “problem”, “india”, “digital resources”, and “evaluation” appeared to be the most discussed keywords within all publications.

Academics and librarians from many countries have spent years researching digital libraries. This work demonstrated the importance of digital libraries for all countries, particularly when it comes to providing students and ordinary readers with access to e-books and other digital materials.