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The existing information and researches on the causes, challenges, and solution on ethnic issues in Nigeria’s post colonial era holds some implications for creating a reader-centred library collection. This paper focuses on ethnicity in Nigeria and the challenges of integration and unity and its implications for reader-centred library collections. Nigeria is the most diverse in terms of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious differences, just as it is the most populous in Africa. Nigeria embodies all the challenges which ethnic cleavages posed to post-colonial societies anywhere in the world. The article traces the causes, challenges and proffer solutions to ethnicity to post-colonial Era. The implications of this article for creating a reader-centred library collection were discussed in the context of these expositions. Equipped with the right information and research outputs, library staff can initiate reading programmes and services and a varied, appropriate and culturally inclusive collection that appeal to readers., Given Nigeria’s ethnic cleavages, it is necessary to improve public library services for culturally diverse communities in Nigeria through a reader-centred approach.