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Preservation is an important component of the library as it is designed to prolong the lifespan of library collections in order to provide access to users. The study was achieved through different reviews on literature in relation to library preservation. Globally different kinds of literature have been reviewed on the preservation of library materials and specifically narrowed to Ghana. The purpose of the study was to review the literature on the prospects and challenges of library materials in Ghana. The study further sought to find out the benefits of preserving library materials and identification of the internal and external factors that affect the preservation of library materials in Ghana. Some of the benefits identified were the cost-effectiveness, promotion of scholarly work, protection of organisational memory and heritage. Other internal and external factors include; quality of materials in terms of manufacturing and putting measures in place to protect loyalty and access to documentary materials.

It was recommended that both user and staff training must be encouraged, the need for librarians to keep good housing practices and to be aware of the total library collections, proper shelving of library materials must be taught and unfavourable environmental conditions for biological agents must be enhanced.