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Multilingual retrival systems are very important for countries like India, where we have multiple scripts and many languages for verbal and written communication. The creation of a multilingual interface for the retrival, management, and processing of information and knowledge needs systematic efforts and requires related features in the Library Management Software and the availability of bibliographic records in catalogues.

This paper is an effort to study various related aspects of multilingual record creation and retrival provisions in Union Datanases. The development of a multilingual environment for accessing and retrieving library resources among the users as well as library professionals is essential. The article is divided into five sections. The first section deals with the introduction. It covers the multilingual system, with reference to multiscript bibliographic control, the objective, and methodology of the study. The second section examines the contours of multilingual bibliographic control, in particular in the Indian context. The third section deals with the multilingual cataloguing procedure and The fourth section deals with the "Situation in India in Terms of Multilingual Bibliographic Database and Issues." issues, challenges, and solutions. The fifth and final section of the article is concerned with the conclusion.

The objective of this paper is to analyse the issues and challenges in the Indian multi-lingual and multi-script bibliographic retrieval systems. Through the analysis of available bibliographic data and database interfaces, the authors evaluate the adoption of multilingual and multi script processes and procedures for bibliographic data creation.

The study's findings will aid in understanding the current status of multilingual bibliographic record creation and the need for policy-level intervention to maintain and develop multilingual records for the creation of qualitative bibliographic databases.