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In institutions of higher learning, the library is at the forefront of information generation, acquisition, processing, organization, and dissemination. The services provided by the library contribute to staff, students, and institutional development. University library services serve as learning catalysts. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate undergraduate history students’ attitude towards university library services. A survey design was used for the study. A sample size of three hundred (300) undergraduate history students were conveniently selected. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, and f-test. The findings showed that undergraduate history students’ attitude towards university library services was positive. The undergraduate history students demonstrated a favorable attitude towards their university library's registration, lending, and card renewal/replacement services. Also, the finding showed that there are no significant differences among undergraduate history students in attitude towards registration, lending, and card renewal/ replacement services by level of study. It is recommended that the library enlightenment program should be targeted to further inform the students about library innovations that may come up from time to time. Research on postgraduate history students' attitudes toward library services using both quantitative and qualitative data should be explored.