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This article aims to show cartoon memes on the internet that contain about libraries to see the possibilities for using such forms of instruction in the library, so as to make the atmosphere in the library more comfortable and not boring, both for users and for students. library managers. The methods used in this research are qualitative methods, library, and descriptive analysis, namely collecting data in the form of cartoons containing images and texts about libraries on the internet, then analyzing them using theories about cartoons and informative texts, to get the meaning and messages conveyed. contained in it, then draw conclusions which cartoon models can be used as examples for making cartoons that can be used in the library. From the analysis of cartoon memes about libraries on the internet, both from the aspect of images and the text contained in them, it was found that it seems that these memes can be used as an alternative to giving instructions in the library rather than just the usual instructions which are only in the form of writing, because the images and the text in these memes attracts the attention of visitors and librarian more, so that they can not only entertain, but also give the message that library managers want to library users. Research on humor in libraries has been widely carried out by researchers, but specifically discussing the use of cartoons as a tool for conveying instructions in libraries seems to have been done recently. This can be traced from the writings found on the internet, both in the form of e-books, e-journals and other scientific writings, both academic and non-academic.