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Information literacy (IL) skills play a significant role in postgraduate students' academic development and research ability. Literature about postgraduate education students' information literacy is scarce, resulting in little knowledge about their level of information literacy skills. This study aimed to assess the information literacy skills of postgraduate education students at selected Nigerian public universities. A descriptive survey design was used for this study, which included 412 postgraduate education students from 3 Nigerian public universities. In the process of analyzing the data collected from the questionnaire, mean, standard deviation, and analysis of variance statistics were used. Students in postgraduate education demonstrated moderate information literacy skills. Based on institution, there were no significant differences in IL skills levels among postgraduate education students. Furthermore, female postgraduate education students exhibited more information literacy skills than their male counterparts. In addition, master's and Ph.D students showed significant differences in information literacy skills, with Ph.D students demonstrating more IL skills than master's students. It was recommended, among other things, that university management organize workshops for postgraduate education students from time to time to enhance their information literacy skills.