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This research work was designed to explore the role of school libraries in the implementation of the UBE programme in UBE Junior Secondary Schools in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State. A total number of one hundred and forty school library users (students and teachers) from four selected UBE Junior Secondary Schools were surveyed using a researcher developed questionnaire to collect data for the study. Descriptive statistical analysis was used; frequencies and percentages were generated from which the research questions formulated for the study were answered. The study revealed that there are no school libraries in the UBE junior secondary schools in Kwande Local Government Area to support the UBE programme, textbooks, fiction books and maps/atlases are the major types of library resources available to support the UBE programme. Lack of library infrastructures such as building, chairs, shelves, etc. lack of financial support, unqualified personnel, lack of ICT facilities and absence of library lesson on the school lesson’s time table were the major problems of availability and utilization of school library resources and services in UBE schools in Kwande Local Government Area. The study concludes that, the provision of library resources and services in our UBE schools is in a pity state and something must be done urgently if the UBE programme must be a success. The study recommended among others that, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) needs to strengthen and sustain its partnership with private sectors, community based organizations, donor agencies for establishment of school libraries in every primary and junior secondary schools and UBEC should ensure a systematic provision of school libraries in line with the on-going construction of UBE classrooms. This is in view of the provisions of the National Policy on Education that all schools should be provided with libraries as well as the vision of the UBE implementation guidelines that libraries will be provided to meet the required quantity, quality and size.