Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 3-2022


The research aims into library science students at Patna University in Bihar's understanding and use of electronic resources and many other relevant topics. In this investigation, the researcher adopted a descriptive strategy. The main objective of the paper is to get an understanding of the use of electronic resources by the library user. Overall, 90 questionnaires were distributed, whereas only 72 were filled and returned as a sample. To collect data from the users, a systematic questionnaire was constructed. The study aimed to determine the users' requirements and level of consciousness and use of electronic resources. According to data, many users were satisfied with infrastructure facilities, required information, or other reasons for using e-resources and services. However, some users could not use the e-resources due to the lack of user education and awareness campaigns, language difficulties, and IT skills and understanding. As a result, libraries should actively launch well-planned user awareness and education initiatives, expand infrastructure, and subscribe to more e-resources.