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Date of this Version

Winter 2-2-2022


The proper ICT infrastructure in the libraries can’t achieve the goal of a particular library unless it is supported by skilled manpower and dedication of the library professionals towards his/her duties. Library professional performs the role of collection development, organization of information resources, providing access to information resources, preservation of resources, advising and guiding the users, management and administration and also involvement in digital oriented services etc. The digital oriented technology has lead to designing new services as well as access to the navigation of electronic collection and other electronic resources. To meet the present needs library professionals have to perform various activities with the new technological environment. The authors have an attempt to identify the perception of ICT Skill and opinion among the college librarians in Assam during the pre-covid periods. A structure questionnaire has used to collect the primary data from the college librarians of Assam. The findings of the study revealed that the librarians have the sufficient ICT skills to manage the electronic resources and services.