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The main purpose of the research paper is to examine the role of academic library facilities and online academic activities to online academic modes to students at university. A quantities study design has been optic to conduct are a cross-sectional survey from the university student. A sample of 131 students from the University of Gujrat has been sampled through a proportionate random sampling technique. A well-structured questionnaire has been constructed including different sections including socio-demographic, academic library facilities, and online academic activities. A pre-testing has been done from 25 randomly selected the university to measure the reliability of the instrument. The reliability of the instrument has been ranged from (.708 to. 840). The study findings show that academic libraries have been providing print and electronic study material to university students. It results that students are utilizing these different library resources and facilitates to enhance their online classes, online submission of sessional work, online examination, understanding and clarity, and class management. The overall conclusion of this study is based on primary data collection from university students stating that academic libraries are facilitating university students to improve academic activities during COVID -19 outbreak.