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The quality assurance measures for admission of students into Distance Education (DE) programs in Nigeria were evaluated in this study. The study employed a descriptive survey design, with a total population of Librarians and learners in distance learning centers in Southeast in Nigeria, of which 206 librarians were used in the study. The librarians and learners were chosen using a multi-stage sampling technique. The data gathering instrument was a questionnaire. Three professionals independently validated the instrument. The questionnaire's reliability index was 0.97. The data was analyzed using the mean, standard deviation, and analysis of variance. The findings revealed that quality is highly assured for students admitted to DE programs (X = 2.87, SD = 0.49). In South East Nigeria, significant variations in the mean assessments of students and librarians on how quality is ensured in the admission of students to DE programs were discovered. It was suggested that prospective students be provided greater opportunities to enroll in distant education programs in order to minimize illiteracy among the population.