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In Enugu State, Nigeria, the researchers investigated the effects of printed library resources on students' motivation and academic achievement in basic science. The study used a quasi-experimental research design using 58 primary 5 pupils in public primary schools in Enugu State. Purposive sampling was used to select a sample size for the study. The achievement exams Basic Science Achievement Test (BSAT) and Motivation Scale were used to collect data (BSMS). Using Kuder-Richardson's formula 20 and the Cronbach Alpha technique, the instruments' reliability indices were judged to be 0.81 and 0.76, respectively. To answer the study questions, bar charts were used, while analysis of variance was used to test the null hypotheses at the 0.05 level of significance. Printed library resources improved significantly learners' motivation and achievement in basic science according to the findings. The researchers advised that the government should make available printed library resources for use by the primary school teachers.