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Spring 3-18-2022

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This study examined the published literature on digital library resources and the users’ experiences (i.e. satisfaction level, motivating factors, and major challenges) with these resources in Pakistan. Several e-databases were consulted including Research Gate’, ScienceDirect, Web of Science, and Google Scholar to retrieve relevant literature. The study adopted a systematic literature review approach followed by PRISMA guidelines. Out of 323 articles, a total of 22 relevant studies were included based on pre-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria. The findings of this study reveal that most of the end-users are satisfied with the digital library resources, and they consulted these resources for academic and research endeavors. The authenticity and accuracy of the DLRs were the main motivating factors in the effective use of DLRs. Furthermore, this study consolidated several factors faced by end-users while using DLRs. The results of this study could help the policymakers, HEC authority, LIS professionals to further improve access to DLRs and resolve the problems facing end-users in the country. Moreover, the findings of this study will help the university administration and library authority to plan the subscription of resources keeping in view the associated barriers.