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Summer 4-22-2022


This study discusses the Information needs and sources of information for Pregnant Women in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. Three (3) objectives were formulated to guide the study. Descriptive research design was adopted for this study, 259 pregnant women in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State was used as the population for this study with the sample of 152 pregnant women. The sampling technique used was the simple random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection adopted was Questionnaire (both open-ended and close-ended). The method adopted for data analysis was the frequency count and simple percentages. The finding revealed that pregnant women have various information needs which are: information on how to prevent and manage VVF, how to secure safe child delivery during pregnancy, food during pregnancy, benefits of rest during pregnancy, benefits of exercise in pregnancy, importance of antenatal care, importance of antenatal visits and importance of blood examination. The study further revealed that the sources of information for pregnant women include internet, interpersonal sources such as mothers and friends, books, radio, magazines, television programs, medical books, hospital orientation and community sensitization, among other findings. In accordance with the findings, the following recommendations were made which are: The management of Jos South Local Government especially in the health sector should make efforts to ensure that the information needs of the pregnant woman in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau state are met by providing the necessary information sources; the researcher also recommended that the PHCs should provide adequate information sources such as Hospitals orientation, community sensitization, and it should in a way that will be convenient for the pregnant women, among other recommendations.