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Summer 4-15-2022


This research explores and produces digital literacy literature by increasing access to universities electronic learning In indonesia.


This study was conducted to determine the role of digital literacy on e-learning capabilities at UIN Sunan Ampel of Surabaya as a function of sharing information. With digital literacy, users will have extraordinary abilities to think, learn, communicate, work together, and create. Digital literacy that is important for users to have includes information literacy, media literacy, and Information and Communication Technology literacy. The digital literacy capabilities of users can be implemented in a university environment. Through digital literacy, a person can access information effectively and efficiently, evaluate information critically, and use that information more usefully. This study uses a qualitative and descriptive analysis method. Data is organized and collected through observations, surveys and interviews with literacy users, namely students and lecturers at UIN Sunan Ampel of Surabaya. The results found a model of increasing digital literacy in e-learning. This improvement model includes several elements such as communication and collaboration in the form of active participation in learning and research activities. Then the components of individual competence in the form of use skills, critical understanding, and communicative abilities. The conclusion is that the model of increasing access to digital literacy using e-learning is good enough at UIN Sunan Ampel of Surabaya.