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Purpose-The study aims to analyse the resources used in the citations of 571 research publications of University of Mysore and Karnatak University in the field of physics and prepares the list of core journal, leading publishers and prolific authors. For any research and academic institutional libraries, books and journals are considered as key resources. As the resources are more and diverse, collection building is a tough task for librarians. Citation analysis is one of the best methods to list the most used resources by the users. The paper highlights the extent of use of different sources in the research publications of chemistry. Also the obsolescence of cited literature was examined in the study.

Methodology- The main data source for this study is the references appended in the scholarly communications (only journal articles were taken in to consideration) of physics of University of Mysore and Kartnak University. Data consists of 17474 citations from 571 scholarly communications covered by Web of Science during 2009-2018. All these references were recorded on a specified data capturing sheet designed using MS Excel. Datasheet contained the reference data like bibliographical form, publication year, journal title, publisher and publication year of scholarly communications. Age of individual journal citations was ascertained by subtracting the year of publication of reference from the year of publication of citing article. The list of core journals was prepared on the basis of highly cited articles of journals in Physics.

Findings- study shows that multi-authored (83.38%) sources constitute highest number of citations and 89.57% citations were from journals followed by books 6.21%. The country-wise break up of citations uncovers that USA stands first in the rank list with 6846 (39.18%) citations. United Kingdom and Netherlands occupy second and third rank respectively.

Originality/Value- Information presented in the study provides insight in to the citation pattern of Physics literature. Data obtained in this study will help the libraries of University of Mysore and Karnatak University in collection building.