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This study analyzed the preservation methods in Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Yenagoa. Objectives such as: identifying the types of records kept; preservation methods of records and Challenges encountered in the preservation of records in NTA Yenagoa. The population comprised of 67 records managers in the area of study, a questionnaire was used to collect the data, Descriptive statistics of frequency, and tables were used to analyze the data in line with the research objectives. Findings of the study include: Records created, used, kept, and maintained by NTA as examined were payroll, personnel, security, management meetings, sales, production, and news records; most of which were predominantly in paper-based format; Storing materials at least 15 to 25 centimeter off the floor; Installation of dehumidifiers and air conditioners; Installation of water alarms; Periodic fumigation; and Monitoring of abuse and mishandling were some of the preservation methods deployed by NTA Yenagoa. The study concluded that some preservation efforts are being carried out in NTA Yenagoa, but done inappropriately due to lack of well-written preservation policy and inadequate facilities and funding. The study, therefore, recommended among others that adequate budgetary provisions should be provided for records management programs in NTA Yenagoa. Adequate finance should be provided to procure modern and adequate storage equipment and facilities