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Resource sharing is an important and widely well-known concept in the field of library science. The concept is recognized by the term library networking which deals with the interconnection of libraries so that the participating libraries can share information and resources effectively. It aids to overcome the limitations like enormous cost of purchase, bibliography handling, storage of material etc. as a result of the exponential growth in the information produced. Resource sharing is a solution to optimize library resources. Thus, resource sharing in libraries has become essential in current scenario, and it commands world-wide acceptance. Based on the literature review it can be said that academic libraries, especially in developing countries should continue subscribing to information resources through the Consortium Building (CB) and explore their usage by ensuring total addressing of patrons information needs. Also government should earmark appropriate funds for the purchase of information technologies facilities needed by academic libraries for resource sharing. The paper recommended that the least forms of resources sharing like Inter library loan should be given priority especially for rare information resources that have high demand but their supply is low and exist in print format to start with. The work further recommends that academic libraries should formulate effective policies that will ensure library resource information sharing is properly conducted in academic libraries.