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The aim of the study was to investigate the performance of the Postgraduate College of the University of Ibadan website by conducting a survey of the postgraduate students using the college portal, and other services. The study was guided by variables from WebQual4.0, DeLone and McLean’s (1992) Information System Success and UTAUT Concepts. The study shows that the postgraduate college website has helped many of the respondents to increase their proficiency in performing basic tasks on the website such as course registration, printing of receipts, upload of documents and so on. The study also shows that increased use of the college website has increased the proficiency level of the users in using the website for registration activities. The study also reveals that using the postgraduate college website has enhanced the respondents’ ability to perform some career related activities, which implies that the level of effectiveness of the Postgraduate College website is fairly high. Generally user experience and service quality have very correlations with user satisfaction.