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Information is an important tool for realizing any objective or goal set by individuals, so it remains a vital force for any individual or organization. A set of information required by an information user to make the right decisions when confronted with an issue at any given time is referred to as information need. Undergraduate students' information need ought to be identified so that libraries and information providers can redirect and improve their services to meet their information need. The purpose of this paper is to look into the educational information needs of undergraduate music students at public universities in southern Nigeria. For this study, a descriptive survey design was used, with a researcher-developed questionnaire distributed to 250 undergraduate music students. Results show that there was no statistically significant mean difference in the educational information need of male and female undergraduate music students at the universities studied. Additionally, this study revealed a non-statistically significant difference in the educational information need of undergraduate music students in first-two years and final years of study. The findings of this study indicate that information on all courses taught in the department and musical instruments mastery were the most frequently requested by undergraduate music students, at 98.8 percent and 80 percent respectively. These findings will be useful to librarians in identifying the educational information required by undergraduate music students and improving information sources to meet these students' educational information need.