Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 4-30-2022


This study examined the influence of library environmental factors on students’ patronage of library services in the university of Uyo main library. The factors under investigation are library aesthetics, library lighting, library ventilation, library spacing and students’ patronage of library services. Four specific purposes were coined using the factors. Four research questions and hypotheses coined from the specific purposes were stated to guide the study. The descriptive survey design was used for the study. The study was conducted in Akwa Ibom State using the University of Uyo main library as a case study. The population was 150 respondents, comprising level 300, 400 and 500 students of the department of petroleum engineering, University of Uyo in the 2019/2020 session. Since the population size was manageable, all the population were used as the sample using census sampling. The researcher-made instrument entitled “Library Environmental Factors and Students Patronage of Library Services Questionnaire (LEFSPLSQ)” was used for data collection. The instrument was face validated by 3 experts, 2 experts in library science and one expert from tests and measurement all from the University of Uyo. The instrument after validation was then administered to 20 students in the Department of Physics, university of uyo to determine the reliability. Cronbach alpha was used to ascertain the reliability coefficient. The result gave an index of 0.87. Based on the high reliability coefficient, the instrument was deemed fit for the study. The instrument was then administered to the students and retrieved within a period of 15 school days. The data collected was collated, coded and analysed using descriptive statistics of Bar chart and Mean to answer the research questions and Chi-Square to test the null hypothesis at .05 alpha level. From the findings of the study, it was concluded that there is a significant influence of library environmental factors on students’ patronage of library services in university of uyo main library. It was recommended that Library administrators provide adequate lighting in the library for its patrons and the spacing in the library should support individualistic learning and provide for privacy of library patrons in the course of research or study.