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This study assessed teachers' perception of the provision, use, and maintenance of ICT facilities in Ekiti State Primary school libraries in Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey research type. The population of the study comprised all public primary school teachers in Ekiti State. The multistage sampling procedure was used in selecting the sample for the study. An instrument termed "Teachers' Perception of the Provision, Utilisation, and Maintenance of ICT Facilities in Primary School Libraries Questionnaire" was used for data collection, and was validated with its reliability ascertained. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency counts and percentages). Findings revealed that the provision, use, and maintenance of ICT facilities in primary school libraries in Ekiti State is poor. The constraints militating against these were lack of/inadequate computer literacy among school librarians and teachers, lack of electricity, poor funding of school libraries by governments, poor funding of school libraries by non-government organisations, lack of internet services in schools, lack of staff training on ICT use, excess workload of school librarians/teachers, and insufficient time for ICT use. The study thus recommended that governments at all levels, including non-governmental organisations and other education stakeholders, should adequately fund and provide ICT facilities in Nigerian primary school libraries; teacher librarians, other teachers and learners should be motivated by all means necessary and trained in the use of and maintenance of ICT facilities in the library for teaching and learning activities on a routine basis; the several challenges affecting ICT provision, use, and maintenance in Nigerian primary school libraries should be curbed or fully eradicated where possible. The implications of the study were also highlighted.