Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 5-9-2022


Library anxiety is a psychological barrier to the academic performance of university students. This study was conducted among undergraduate students at the faculty of management sciences, the University of Peshawar to examine the factors which predict library anxiety. Library anxiety is a psychological barrier to academic success among college students. This study of 843 undergraduate team was administered by hand to all the sample size among university students in order to examine factors that predict library anxiety, a sample size of 262 was drawn 244 questionnaires was collected with a response rate of 93.12% based on Krejcie and Morgan’s (1970) table of sample size determination. The results indicate that the students were more anxious about the staff of the library than other factors. Thus it can be inferred that the attitude of library staff made a significant contribution to the degree of library anxiety among students which made them unable to effectively utilize library resources and services. Such behavior also contributed to other areas of library anxiety-like non-use or avoidance of the library by students, which results in achieving poor academic grades.