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Summer 4-29-2022


In March 2022, the authors (project consultants) were informed by the Baadal team that the NME-ICT project would come to an end by April 2022. The PTCM has taken a backup of all three servers and exploring the option of hosting the three services on a different hosting platform.


The Department of Posts, Government of India, to date, has set up six full-time postal training centres (PTC) across India to meet the training requirements of its five-lakh strong workforce. PTC Madurai (PTCM), situated in Tamil Nadu, is one such training centre. PTCM has taken a proactive initiative to explore and adopt information technologies in the training and learning domains. It has partnered with the JRD Tata Memorial Library, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, through a small project to set up a digital infrastructure to manage its training programmes and the library collection.

PTCM was looking for a digital library to manage its training materials, an online catalogue for its library collection, and a website. The consultants used three different open-source software to implement the requirements of PTCM viz; EPrints[1] for developing the digital library, Koha[2] for the integrated library management system, and WordPress[3] content management system for developing the website.