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This study assessed awareness of farmers on agricultural information services in Mara region in Tanzania. Quantitative approach was adopted and data collection used single structured questionnaire. Awareness scales measured three factors; awareness knowledge; agricultural information needs and lastly use of ICTs in accessing agricultural information services. The results indicated that majority (93.2%; 280) of respondents had little knowledge of awareness, (91.3%; 272) of the response, needed improved seed varieties and the average, (60%; 180) of respondents have low use of ICT in accessing agricultural information services. It was concluded that agricultural stakeholder needs more improvement and strategies on agricultural information services access and knowledge. In its’ significances the really situation of farmers’ on knowledge awareness, their needs and use of ICT was revealed in Tanzania. Lastly, the study recommended that agricultural-stakeholders need to develop strategies, initiatives and efforts to overcome the bridge gap created by digital divide on ICT use.