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The relationship between need achievement and career preference of in-school adolescents were examined in this study. The need for the study was prompted by previous studies’ report that students make wrong career preferences due to poor information among other factors. The negative impact of these wrong preferences on the individual and the work place have become worrisome to all concerned. To achieve the main purpose of the research, a questionnaire was constructed through literature and was face validated by experts in the field of education. The instrument proved to be reliable (with a reliability index of .92.) to answer the research questions and also test the hypothesis at 0.5 level of significance. Participants were 380 (both male and female) in-schooling adolescents who supplied information to the questionnaires about need achievement and career preferences. Results revealed a heterogeneous pattern of career preference and a positive significant relationship between in-school adolescents’ need-achievement and career preference. Based on the findings, the paper made recommendations and highlights a significant need to reposition the roles of the school librarians and the services of the libraries to include career guidance services.