Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Management practices adopted by the colleges of education administrators who are primarily posted to children library section in enhancing ICT seem to be poor. The study examined the challenges associated with the management practices. We adopted a descriptive research design. A total of 73 respondents (Seven Children Library Administrators and 66 ICT officers) were used as the study sample. One instrument was used for collection of data. The respondents were administered the instrument with the help of five brief research assistants. Data analysis was completed using mean and standard deviation for research questions and z-test was used to test the hypotheses. The researchers found that library administrators are facing some challenges in enhancing ICT in the Children library sections of Colleges of Education. It was also found that there was no significant difference between the Children library administrators and the ICT officers on the two hypotheses. The researchers concluded that Children library administrators should adopt certain strategies that will curb the challenges facing the enhancement of ICT in Children libraries for the effectiveness of the college libraries.