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Spring 5-12-2022


The paper examined the challenges of maintenance of paper based archival information materials and strategies for enhancement in academic libraries in South East, Nigeria which doubled as the objectives of the study. Descriptive survey research method was used for the study. The population consisted of 277 library staff in academic libraries of government owned institutions. Questionnaire and structured interview guide was used to collect data which was analyzed using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. Mean scores and standard deviation were used to analyze data generated for the two research questions while t-test was used for the hypothesis. Real limits of numbers were used to determine the bench mark. The major findings of the study showed the challenges involved in maintenance of archival materials to include inadequate funding and tropical climate that breeds insects. The strategies involved in archival maintenance practices include: recruiting adequate personnel in libraries, provision of maintenance policies, adequate funding of libraries for proper maintenance of archives, proper control of insect by the use of insecticides and adequate training of maintenance personnel. The hypothesis tested revealed that there is no significant difference in the mean ratings between the male and female library staff in respect to strategies for maintenance practices of paper based archival paper materials in the academic libraries. The paper recommended that the library administrators should engage qualified and competent staff on the field of Library and Information Science and ICT to ensure adequate maintenance of archival materials in academic libraries.