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Spring 4-10-2022


This study main examine the Role of Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS) Analysis of University of Delhi Faculty Profiles in IRINS. The study explores the resource impact from scholarly resources, Subject Wise, Designation Wise, Gender Wise, Top Ten Profiles, Total Publication of University, Types of Publication, Categories of Publication and H-Index. Social science subject is highest number in IRINS. Engineering and technology is a second highest in this table, faculty of Delhi University , Agricultural science with 10 faculty profile in IRINS, the Chemical Sciences (8) is a lowest in this table. Professor Designation With (91) maximum Profile of Faculty in INIRS .The male (119) faculty profile number is more than to female (51) faculty number. Prof. Brajesh Chandra Choudhary is a highest publication with 1620. Research Output the total publication with 7571 and Patents with 6 Closed Access with 2812 Type of publication in IRINS, second is Gold Open access with 808, Green OA with 542, Bronza open access with 199. Articles publication by faculty member of Delhi university, with 5724”