Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 5-23-2022


This paper investigated the perceptions of undergraduate students regarding usability and usefulness of Digital Libraries. A case study was conducted to explore the use of Digital Library (DL) resources in ten undergraduate classes at Shaheed Benazir Butto Women University Peshawar and identified students' perceptions regarding educational digital libraries. Data was collected through survey method using qualitative tools such as observation and interviews. The study examined that university provides internet facility to all students and they have ample access for using Digital libraries but majority of the students are not aware of the use of DLs. Only research students are using digital libraries and most of them use it for research purpose while other using open Web sources for visual and multimedia purpose. Furthermore students did not recognize academic libraries as a useful source for digital images and used various search browsers while searching for visual resources. Students stated that the digital library websites are difficult to navigate and insufficient in providing signs about the richness of resources that it offers. Students’ experiences regarding the use of library website badly affected their perceptions about digital services.