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Summer 5-26-2022

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This study aimed to investigate the perceived level of IL skills, strength, weakness, challenges, and levels of IL programs attended by ILS students of two leading library schools of Pakistan. This research used descriptive survey method and distributed questionnaire among 330 participants which returned 232 complete usable responses. This study found that participants of both LIS schools perceived good level of IL skills while the majority of them prefer internet sources as they possess adequate internet surfing skills. In addition to challenges the large number of participants lacks knowledge and skills to use computer and personal computer (M = 2.71, SD = 1.245) and (M = 2.84, SD = 1.439). Whereas, the results of IL program attended depicted that majority of participants obtained low mean of (M = 2.76, SD = .985) to (M = 2.57, SD = .991). This study concludes that students of both IL schools were performing well with regard to their IL skills even though there is a dire need for advance level of IL instructions and embedded IL course integration at all a level of degree programs to equipped students with necessary skills.