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Leadership styles are among the major drivers used to improve the performance of staff in any organization. It is believed that an organization's kind of leadership style influences its overall results. This study focused on two styles of leadership which are transformational and transactional style of leadership. Relationship between leadership styles and job performance were also discussed. It is revealed that leadership styles definitely have a strong correlation with the achievement of set goals and objectives of the library. The study adopted correlational research design. Three (3) research questions were raised to guide the study, and two hypotheses were also tested at 0.5 level of significant. The population of the study comprised (98) librarians in the six Federal universities spread across the six states of South-South, Nigeria. No sample was done due to the manageable size of the population. The instrument for data collection was a researcher constructed questionnaire titled “Impact of Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Job Performance Questionnaire “(ITTLSQ)”. Research data were analyzed using SPSS, correlation and regression analysis were utilized in analyzing the data and testing the research hypothesis. The study reveals that there is a positive relationship between leadership styles and job performance. It was also revealed in the study that both Transformational and Transactional leadership styles have positive and negative sides. From the examination of these two leadership styles, it was discovered that transformational leadership style has more positive impact on job performance of librarians than transactional leadership style. Recommendations were made based on the findings.