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The primary purpose of this paper is to explore the integration process of linked open data authority with OpenRefine for easy access of related metadata towards the creation of data cleaning and updating in a modern integrated library system. The integration process and methods are based on the API of reconciliation repositories collected from web resources. This integrated framework will be designed and developed on OpenRefine techniques and components based on RDF, CSV, SPARQL, and Turtle scripts. This integrated framework is based on JAVA and Apache Web Server for running the OpenRefine on the Ubuntu Platform. This integrated framework has been explored the data cleaning and import of bibliographic metadata from multiple linking authorities such as Open Library, ORCID, VIAF, VIAF BNF, Library of Congress Authorities data, and Wikidata. These are the essential findings of this study for creating a new interface to library professionals and advanced users. The library professionals are very much benefitted by using this system and services towards easy import and access of related linking resources from the Wikidata. Aside from these, it also explores the other facilities for data cleaning and updating the information from multiple scripts and URLs in the Web environment. It is possible to fetch related linking authorities for enhancing the advanced level services in a modern library management system. So, library carpentry and data carpentry are essential concepts for making a dynamic integrated interface for library professionals.