Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study investigated the ICT self-efficiency skills of library staff in selected public universities in southwest Nigeria. The aim of the study is to know the level of ICT self-efficiency skills of the library staff in carrying out their library services. The study considered twelve (12) public academic libraries comprising both state and federal universities. Total enumeration technique was adopted to examine 376 library staff made up of academic librarians and library officers (Professionals and Para-Professionals). The research instrument used for data collection was questionnaire with well-structured items. Descriptive analysis was used for the study, and the results were shown in tables with frequency counts and percentages. It was observed from the findings that some library staff were ICT skilled and self-efficient in handling library services while some were just craving for self-technology development. Majority of library staff in federal universities possessed higher ICT self-efficiency skill than library staff in the state universities. The level of ICT basic skills of the library staff was generally higher than their ICT self-efficiency skills for managing ICT based library services, and skills for managing electronic resources.