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Library Philosophy and Practice 2012



Agriculture university libraries play an important role in providing the right direction to the agriculture, scientific and technological development of a nation. The agriculture university is to develop the personality of the human being as a whole. Every library exists, to serve the needs of its own community of users. It follows the overall evaluation of library thought to base mainly on how well it serves these needs. The organized information and dissemination function to suit the needs of the users necessitate a study of library and information service needs of users.

With the strides in the area of Science and Technology, any information centre has to initiate and sustain a variety of library and information services to provide the right type of information to the users. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a continuous feed back from the users. One of the ways by which, this can be achieved is by observing and analyzing the requests received for further information on any of the items already included in the library and information services. By this it is possible to know which are the areas of interest and orient the contents of the library and information services according to those requirements. This will form a quick and continuous way of evaluating the various library and information services. This type of evaluation will also help to facilitate the information centre to collect and keep the right type of information, which is sought most by the users.

Objectives of the Study

A major objective of the present study is to know the user perception and opinion and evaluate the 'User Education in Agricultural University Libraries in India: With Special Reference to South India'. Following are the other objectives of the study.

1.1. To know the frequency of conducting the user education programmes in the Agricultural University libraries

1.2. To assess the different methods used for conducting the user education in Agricultural University libraries

2. Hypothesis

Any scientific investigation starts with the statement of a problem followed by a tentative generalization in the form of a proposition i.e. hypothesis. Keeping in view the objectives of the study attempts have been made to test the following hypothesis

There is a significant relationship among the opinion of the Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars and Faculty Members towards overall satisfaction of user education service.


There have been many methods and techniques are available for data collection. Among them questionnaire survey is found to be very useful techniques for collecting data relating to the users and their information needs. So the survey method is adapted for the present study, which can be applied for collecting data