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Summer 6-2-2022


A survey was conducted to investigate the viewpoint of IMAP students on effectiveness of electronic learning resources and conventional textbook materials in promoting learning. The population of the study was 750 registered users of IMAP library in 2021 from which a sample of 450 representing 60 percent of the total population was randomly selected. The sample was determined using the Krejcie and Morgan table of sample size determination. The setting for the study was face to face. The instruments for data collection were questionnaire and interviews. The instruments were pilot tested with five participants. These five participants consist of three students, an expert in research methods and an instructional designer familiar with survey research method. Cronbach Alpha formula was used to determine the reliability since the items are not dichotomously scored. The reliability coefficient of 0.82 was attained which is high enough to be suitable for use. Four research questions were asked to guide the study. The research questions were answered using simple percentage count. The study revealed that, electronic learning resource is more effective in promoting learning than conventional textbook materials. There is wide range use of conventional textbook materials because of high level of digital illiteracy among the students of IMAP and that; there is no free internet service in the school. The study recommended that, Students should be encouraged to use or patronize electronic learning resources. They should also endeavor to attain some level of computer literacy. The institution should provide free internet services for the students in the school premises.