Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 2022

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Purpose – The goal of this research aims to explain how a university library handled the epidemic -19 that began in March 2020. This research examines the library's state throughout the dilemma and shows how the epidemic has posed unexpected hurdles to digital services. It also clarifies why the beginning of 23 March 2020, the library has converted some existing services to an electronic format and investigates various programmes and practices to assist with all aspects of the university's online learning and teaching.

Design/methodology/approach – During the COVID-19 epidemic, Many of the libraries' digital resources were employed to address the needs of their patrons. The methodologies employed were the author's own experiences working in an academic library, monitoring of the library's responses to the library's digital services and comments on what can be reviewed for development now and in the future. It stresses the establishment of plans and better practices for electronic library resources and services in the event of a public health emergency

Findings/Purpose –The purpose of this study is to enlighten the efforts of libraries of various universities to provide online services to their students and faculty during the epidemic. This article also revealed the issues faced by the library personnel and professionals during the provision of services while operating from home or distantly.

Originality/value –This report is highly helpful in giving insight with better practical suggestions for other libraries dealing with similar challenges and providing electronic library materials and services in the aftermath of an international health catastrophe.