Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 7-30-2022


This study examined use of Online Information Resources (OIRs) to see how they might help Nigerian university libraries offer top-notch online library services. OIRs are crucial because students require current and complete knowledge resources. OIRs are readily available in digital form at university libraries in Nigeria. Academic e-databases contain these online resources. This study adopted the conceptual research approach; hence, in-depth exploration of literature was carried out to emphasize the issues in using Online Information Resources in libraries. The report outlined the development of OIRs and the additional information resources it offers to university library users. The databases, which include e-books and e-journals, among other things, are useful sources of informational content. The study’s findings have been adapted to meet the information needs of users with shifting information needs. In order to encourage the production of new research and enhance efficient and effective delivery of information services, libraries can make use of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations when users access online information resources. Librarians and other information workers need to be sensitive to, schooled in, and retrained on how researchers in the university community use OIRs to satisfy students' information needs.