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This study examined Wikipedia edit-a-thon programme in a University Library in Nigeria. It adopted the descriptive design. Unstructured questionnaire and interview were used for data collection. A total of 25 people participated in the study. These are the University Librarian and two female deputy University Librarians, four library staff that serve as facilitators and eighteen participants of the edit-a-thon project. Interview was conducted with the University Librarian and her two deputies while the rest responded to an unstructured questionnaire. Data gathered were analysed using frequency counts and narrative. Findings show that the library engages in edit-a-thon for a few reasons amongst which are to contribute to open knowledge and help bridge the gender gap in Wikipedia editing which is dominated by men amongst others. Discoursing and winning the library managements’ consent to host edit-a-thon, is an important activity to ensure a successful edit-a-thon. Both the library, participants and facilitators have benefited from the programme. Despite the gains of participating in Wikipedia edit-a-thon, there are challenges of time constraint and infrastructure on the part of the library, lack of institutional support, problem of attracting new participants (editor) and retaining older ones as facilitators and lack of published information on Nigerian Women to support entries on Wikipedia. The implication of the study is that participating in Wikipedia edit-a-thon is an encouraging initiative for the library, an experience which every academic library in Nigeria should endeavour to have to contribute to open knowledge. Unveiling the achievements and contributions of notable women in Africa is a step towards building role models for the upcoming generation