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Summer 6-30-2022


The objective of this study is to explore the contents, features, and maintenance issues of Bangladeshi public university library websites. To ensure representativeness, we selected twelve (12) public university libraries that have dedicated websites. For authenticity and reliability of data, a checklist of sixty-one (61) items divided into ten (10) categories was used, along with interview procedures. The findings of this research have been presented in both tabular and figurative forms. According to the research, the website trend, which began a few years ago, will become a driving force for library services, although there is still potential for development such as liquid layout, mobile-friendliness, Web-OPAC, online tutorials, etc. and may indicate some maintenance issues for the library's website. This research is useful for information scientists and academic librarians involved in the establishment and management of library websites, particularly in underdeveloped nations like Bangladesh, where resources are restricted and studies are sparse.