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The main objective of the current study is to quantify the research productivity in Library and Information Science (LIS) Services produced by Pakistani authors during the period of ten years from 2011 to 2020. The retrospective research method by applying the bibliometric technique has been used. The data of the publications on LIS Services by Pakistani authors has been browsed from various online and print sources. The selected bibliographic parameters of publications were inserted in Microsoft Excel-2016 for data analysis. The findings have been presented in tabular and graphic formats. A total of 1,258 documents were identified, contributed by 3,110 authors including multiple counts with an average of 2.47 authors per document. As a distinct name, a total of 858 authors were recognized and the share of international authors was slightly more than one-fifth (21%). About one-third of the total documents were published in the last two years of the study. Eighty-three percent of the documents were the results of research collaboration and the two-author pattern was found the preferred authorship pattern. The majority of documents (91%) were published as journals articles, followed by conference papers, book chapters and books. The highest number of papers were published in Pakistan Library and Information Science Journal, followed by Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). Sixty-four percent of the authors contributed in one paper each while 69 authors contributed ten or more than ten papers each. Dr. Rubina Bhatti, Dr. Kanwal Ameen and Dr. Khalid Mahmood were found the top-three most productive authors with 103, 94 and 77 publications, respectively. The introduction of LIS doctorate programs and the establishment of the National Digital Library of Higher Education Commission put a healthy impact on the growth of publications. There is a need to inspire the practicing librarians that they should come forward to contribute to the research progress to develop LIS services.