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The rationale of this report was to evaluate the current use of electronic resources among users of medical college libraries in Multan division. Moreover, mean variation about medical e-resources in respect of awareness, satisfaction, utilization and barriers with respondents’ gender trait were also explored. This study used a questionnaire to conduct a cross-sectional survey research design. The survey questionnaire was send to the target population of medical college libraries users in Multan division of Pakistan and response rate was 88 per cent. The findings of the study shows that users of the medical libraries were slightly aware about the medical e-resources and majority of the participants were used medical e-resources for education, learning and to update knowledge purposes. In addition, Medical e-resources that are MEDLINE, PubMed, Springer Link, Science Direct, Black-Well Synergy and ProQuest Database were utilized rarely by the respondents. Users are partially satisfied with medical e-resources of libraries. Lack of training/ orientation, low speed of internet, energy crisis/load shedding, lack of printing facility, non-availability of full text access to the most of Journals, lack of awareness, information overload and inadequate IT infrastructure were the major problems faced to medical colleges library users while using e-resources. There is no statistically significant difference in the mean scores of awareness, utilization, satisfaction and barriers about the medical e-resources with respect to male and female. The findings allow library professionals to be more effective, proactive, and successful in achieving digitize library services and resources. This study also made a significant contribution to the existing literature on medical e-resources and services. The findings could contribute in the promotion of digital library services and products, as well as virtual culture, in Pakistani medical college libraries, particularly in the Multan Division.