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The study aimed to find out the adoption and use of Koha ILS in Nigeria by identifying the types of libraries that have adopted Koha in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria, the reasons for the adoption and the level of satisfaction with Koha ILS. The study adopted a survey research design. All the sixty-nine (69) libraries that had adopted Koha ILS in Nigeria as of September 2021 were enumerated. A structured questionnaire was developed using google form, and the link sent via various WhatsApp platforms of the Nigerian Library Association. Fifty-three (53) represented 76.8% responded, and the responses were analyzed using frequency counts and percentages and presented in tables and charts. The finding revealed that Koha mostly used among libraries in the South-West geo-political zone of Nigeria and has also been adopted by different types of libraries in Nigeria. It also showed that the majority of the libraries adopted Koha ILS because it is free software and can be customized to suit their needs; it is constantly upgraded and performs all the functions needed in their library. Also, the finding showed that all the libraries were satisfied with the modules implemented in their libraries. The main challenge to Koha ILS is the lack of skills and proper training on the entire Koha module. Therefore, the paper recommends collaboration among libraries that adopted Koha ILS in Nigeria. The paper further recommended Koha ILS to libraries that are yet to implement automation projects.