Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln




Purpose: this work examined the place of OC in determining employees’ engagement in the libraries of publicly owned universities in Anambra State. Specifically, the study ascertained the nexus between Support Climate and Vigour in the studied institutions.

Design/methodology/approach: survey research design was deployed for the study which was carried out in Anambra State, Nigeria. The population of the study consisted of 107 Library Staff in Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State. A complete enumeration method was deployed to capture all the opinions of the respondents. The data collection was done through a structured questionnaire, A total of 107 copies of the questionnaire was distributed, 97 was collected, but only 95 copies were used for the analysis Data analysis was done using simple regression, and hypothesis tested at a 5% level of significance.

Findings: the result revealed that a positive relationship exists between Support Climate and Vigour (R = .982). It is indicated that a 96% change in Vigour is explained by changes in the Support Climate in the selected libraries in Anambra State, Nigeria (R-Square = .964; F-statistics = 2471.410 P-value < 000).

Originality/Value: This study concludes that for the Staff of libraries in the studied schools to perform their duty with vigour, they have to perceive that the institutions and their management truly cares, supports and shows concern for the employees. This is therefore, the value this study adds to literature and research as it concerns libraries in Anambra State, Nigeria.