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The study examined ICT as a tool for enhancing literacy for livelihood in the communities of Imo State, Nigeria. Four (4) research questions guided the study. Survey research method was adopted. Sample size was 60 respondents. An instrument with r=0.71 tagged ‘Questionnaire on ICT for Enhancing Literacy for Livelihood in the Communities’ (ICTELLC) was used for data collection. Completed and retrieved 57 copies of questionnaire were analysed using mean statistics. Results show that smart phones, computers, radio and television are ICT facilities available in the study area’s literacy centres; basic literacy, functional literacy, civic and political education and remedial education are literacy education programmes that have been enhanced by the use of ICT facilities in the study area; literacy education improves livelihood; and challenges encountered in the use of ICT for literacy education promotion include: poor internet connections, inadequate computers, unstable power supply and insufficient ICT knowledge and skills.