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Winter 7-9-2022

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Records management is an essential activity on organisation, because naturally information will continue to grow in the organisation and be created all the time. The need for information becomes the main thing in the organisation, thus records management is carried out for accountability, transparency and facilitates information retrieval in the organisation. Therefore, skilled human resources are needed in managing information in this case of records because Batam Indonesia Free-Zone Authority itself has 21 work units. Batam Indonesia Free-Zona Authority or BIFZA is a public institution with authority over land management, investment and economic at Batam island. All documents and information from 21 work units that have entered the retroactive period will be submitted to record centre unit whose management is carried out by the Archives & Libraries Sub-section. Sharing knowledge is important and needs to be encouraged by the leader to staff to improve and accelerate the record management process. The purpose of this study is to explain how knowledge sharing occurs in the BIFZA record centre work environment for good records management. This study applies a qualitative approach to analyze the words and actions of research subjects to obtain comprehensive research results. The researchers collect data by interview and observing participants in the process. This process aims to obtain detailed and comprehensive results regarding knowledge sharing in record management. There has been a process of sharing knowledge by utilising tacit and explicit knowledge assets. The process of sharing knowledge in the record centre occurs naturally and records management is carried out properly.